French Leave!

I’ve been away for a while. It’s a myriad of reasons, all good, but I am just going to stick with the big ones.

So I have been unwell, u probably figured that out by now. Well, it has not been the typical crisis kind. Honestly, at this point I’ll much rather have a crisis. MIGRAINES!!! They have been my headache for the past six months or so, literally. It’s a FREAKING STATUS MIGRAINOSUS, well, in my opinion.

Migraines are not new to me. I have had them from as far back as high school, when they were few and far between. In the past two years however, the migraines have increased in intensity, prompting a visit to a neurologist, and of course, subsequent visits, a brain MRI, daily migraine prophylactic medication and in the past two months migraine treament medication.

The migraines have only gotten worse over time, and leave me incapacitated with the associated dizziness, photophopobia, aura and the like. Somehow, I am still supposed to be in school and functioning. It’s so terrible now, my migraine prophylaxis dosage has been doubled, and I am still unwell. I am only functioning at about 30% capacity and even worse I have daily headaches. It is abnormal. Nobody is supposed to have headaches everyday. Really, what is going on? It is amazing I am still able to pass my exams.

Basically, I’ve been so unwell, I barely have enough time for school work and sleep thus it’s been really difficult trying to make time to blog.

In addition to this, my school workload has drastically increased. It has “a little” something to do with the obs and gynae rotation, which by the way I think is a major contributor to the increased rate of migraines.

I would do the research, but with my reduced functioning capacity and increased workload, I really don’t have the time, at least not now. So, I want to know, do you guys suffer migraines too, because I know a number of persons living with sickle cell disease and we all seem to have migraines. Curious, isn’t it?

Other reasons why I have been MIA. Well, logistical issues I really don’t want to discuss because I’ll probably get another migraine just talking about it. Suffice it to say, internet access in my hostel is pretty much non-existent now and typing on my iPad mini is simply uncomfortable, plus I am having challenges with some of the typing settings on the app. Shall I go on?

I am still working on everything. First I need to get rid of the migraines and get back to full functioning capacity then I can add on the seemingly extra-curricular activities. IT IS AMAZING, (ACTUALLY FRUSTRATING). MY COLLEAGUES ARE TRYING TO GET DISTINCTIONS OR CREDITS OR AT LEAST PASS, AND ALL I AM TRYING TO DO IS, NOT GET A FREAKING HEADACHE. JUST THAT. I need to make a judgement call whether to study or sleep when I know I should be studying just so I don’t have a headache later. it’s absurd. This my current EXISTENCE, IT CERTAINLY ISN’T LIVING. Maybe medicinal marijuana should be my next option, WHAT IS THERE TO LOSE, REALLY?

Do let me know how you deal with your migraines because I really need the help. We could all learn.

What’s that I usually say when I get here? Not feeling it today. #peace



14 thoughts on “French Leave!

  1. poeticjourney

    I get migraines lot! Usually warns me before crisis kick ins. I’m on some new meds for them, they are helping once I catch it in time. I so know what you mean about school work when your head is been a pain. I had to work around a schedule. Feel better soon, God Bless

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Amen and thank you. I hope you are better yourself today. It is just getting more frustrating dealing with the pain when it is almost always present. But then, this too shall pass

      1. poeticjourney

        You welcome and ty! Yes, it shall pass, im hoping to go home tomorrow, plan on staying positive and praying! I know what you mean about it been present all the time. God Bless You

  2. Caroline Coleman

    Hmmmm!!!! its been about a year now since i was diagnosed of cervical spondylosis which comes with its own complications such as severe constant headaches(not relieved by rest),radiculopathies,severe back pain and the like….It was quite terrifying.
    what a shock!!! .. I had to be on glucosamine treatment till God knows when,just to slow down the inflammatory process.After taking the set,
    the pain and headache rebounced.This repeated itself as i tried to alleviate the pain with physiotherapy sessions…..
    The miracle:hmmm finally finally i realised that soothing back massages with good posture helped a lot. Try it girl it just might help….i pray it does..

    1. juanbankas Post author

      I hope you are better now. Sounds good, dunno if it will help much tho but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Nothing like a good massage yeah, am very grateful.

  3. Rhoda

    I fight headaches (literally) everyday just so l can cope with school and work too, it drains me! And, it never goes away without a fight! hmmphh!
    One time it took almost 2days… 2days! to get rid of this headache with rest …this apparently worked for a few hours then bounced right back, Frustrating!!!
    I am definitely going to try Caroline’s suggestion, anything to take away this misery!
    Medical marijuana… if that’s gonna solve it, why not? Yessss way Enam!

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Lols girrrlll, ure crazy. That was just a joke but since I have your blessing, yesss way. You are hereby invited to come smoke a joint. Lols.

      More sickle cell and headaches, I need to make time to read the studies.

      Hope you are doing good, stay well.

  4. Princess M

    Jam praying for all of you guys. Am thankful that the only thing I have to deal with is Crisis and my energy levels. Of late it seems I don’t have energy no matter what I do to try and bring it up. Let’s stay positive and pray for one another. Love you all.

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Yes dear, lets. The energy levels tho. I always have a coke on me cus I feel like I’m about to passout, like always. Apparently the coke is not helping. Getting a lot of advice on social media to take more water. Am guess more than sickle cell A LOT so am gonna drop the coke and do extra extra water. So now, I’ll need a new way to keep the energy up.

      Stay healthy.

      1. Priscilla Tutu-Boateng

        Migraines Foods that can help [image: Quinoa] [image: Fatty fish] [image: Ginger]

        *Quinoa* is a well-known superfood packed with protein and nutrients including iron, copper and magnesium. It’s known to help relax blood vessels and reduce the frequency of migraines. It can also help with high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

        *Fatty fish* such as sardines, herring and trout are also known to lessen the severity and frequency of migraines. Research suggests fatty fish, high in omega 3 can lower production of chemicals in the body that cause migraines. Eat a serving of fatty fish 2-3 times a week to treat migraines.

        *Ginger* has a long history of relieving pain associated with migraines. It works as an anti-inflammatory and helps treat nausea often accompanying migraines. Research suggests ginger can also be used to treat digestion problems. Try gingernut biscuits or take ginger supplements.

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 12:51 PM, SICKLE LIFE wrote:

        > Princess M commented: “Am praying for you.” >

      2. juanbankas Post author

        Huh! Thanx. Loads of dietary advice from all social media. You guys really got my back. Thanx.

        Fatty fish and ginger, I can easily obtain. Quinoa tho? Hmm. Let’s see what I’m able to do.

        Thanx again

  5. Priscilla

    Awwwww…. I jux love your blogs! Down to earth. But sorry for the pains. I can’t even stand a small headache so I can’t even imagine what you must be going thru. Get well soon and I will be praying with you. What I do when I have headaches is to pray then go online and search for funny pictures and jokes. I laugh for about 10 minutes and voila! I feel much much better. Maybe you can try it too.. Laughter they say is the best medicine…


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