Obstetrics and gynecology got me all kinds of busy. I am going to be reblogging a few of my reader’s favorite posts till I can make some time to type up new material.
Enjoy. Take your time to learn from these because that is the rationale behind my posts and please spread the word, educate someone else.


Excuse me miss. I like your structure. Can we be friends? No kidding, a guy actually walked up to me with that. Now, if that was an attempt at a pick up line, all I can say is, weak! Seriously dude? I like your structure? Can we be friends?  So, I just looked at him with a straight face, said no thank-you, and walked away. Thinking back, how did I manage to keep a straight face saying that? Oh and he was with a friend. I know! I just can’t help it sometimes.  Poor guy, of course he liked my structure, hell, I love my structure!

LOLS! Of course I like my structure. Pretend modelling and things. T-shirt and jeans style.

There is this thing that keeps happening though. Often, when I mention to people that I have sickle cell disease, the response is, you don’t look like a ‘sickler’…

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