The Miss World 2013 finals were recently held in Indonesia. As you might be aware, Miss Ghana 2012, Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter was the second runner up, and in effect, Miss World Africa 2013. Congratulations to Miss Shooter (OK, I thought I had the coolest surname, but this one definitely kills it.)


Miss World Africa 2013. This picture is not mine (obviously). Dark skinned girls rock!
Photo credits: Carranzar Shooter, http://www.facebook.com/ Miss universe & missology

Miss Shooter is actually a medical student, a colleague of mine. Don’t ask me how she combined medical school with, arguably, the biggest beauty pageant in the world, I really have no idea. This post is about young people making great strides in their lives. Young people, coloring outside the lines, thinking outside the box, living outside the rules and making a difference, in their own small way.

Miss Word Africa 2013, is back to the mundane existence of a medical student. She has however done great and deserves commendation. (Side note, I think dark-skinned girls absolutely rock. I am unapologetically biased.)  Behind the scene battles, struggles of combining medical education with pageantry at the local level, not to mention, international, escapes everyone. It really does not matter now. She persevered through it all and has the crowns to show for it. I wish her the very best in her endeavors and hope she excels in the various projects she has taken on board.

Still in the realms of pageantry, Miss Earth Ghana 2012, is also a colleague of mine. Again, how she did it, beats me. What is important, she did. I have had it with people using medical education (education in general,their youth etc) as an excuse for mediocre living. If you set out to do something, you can! If you are only passionate about medicine, fine by me. Make a difference even while in school, educate someone about the stuff you spend 18 hours studying and stop using it as an excuse to while away time.

Another colleague, also recently started a beauty and grooming page on face book. She actually has good skin and has been said to dabble in the modeling industry, so I am quite optimistic she will do a great job. She gives very insightful tips about keeping your skin healthy. I recently saw some information on her page about breast self examination. I think we can all apply what we learn to impact lives, however insignificant they may seem.

In the area of clothing, T shirt design came up last year. The line is college style. I liked one shirt that said ‘I FIND THIS HUMERUS’ (get it?)  but I especially loved another one that said ‘CHICKS IN MEDICINE.’ It had little chicks (actual baby fowls/ chicken(s) ) with stethoscopes round their necks. Now, that I would totally rock.

Dekage clothing is another one I am very excited about, African print inspired clothes. Designed by a colleague of mine, they are the kind of shirts I will buy for a friend as a gift. He has a highly selective target market, like most things in life, it is not for everyone. No matter what you set out to do, you can’t please everyone. Some people will just not ‘get’ it. Don’t lose sleep over them, just keep at it.

Spirituality/Christianity, boasts the largest number of people making great strides. There are a good number of preachers in my class. One of them is actually published, two books and counting. They make time to lead various religious groups, preach etc. Why? Because that is what they are passionate about. We all make time for what is important to us. What are you passionate about?

Of course, Sickle Life. Blog, Facebook and twitter pages (and much more, in the future).  Education and information about sickle cell disease to help people make informed life choices. This is what I stand for. We are just a few people, all under 25 years, and still in school. We stand for different things, are passionate about them and find the time to make them happen.

Outside medical school, a friend of mine, currently engaged in his national service, started a group. Mindsets networks. He seeks to change the mindset of the youth in several areas. He does this through the various divisions of MsN such as health, education and family. In its first year of existence, it already has a very strong membership, about 700, on facebook alone. They really do give the best quotes, thought provoking stuff. They are making an impact on the youth by realigning our thought process.

This young lady, Elsie, a pharmacy student. I absolutely love her work. Her posts are always so insightful. She could pretty much start up, with anything and end up on one attribute of God or another. She starts up talking about hydralzine or azithromycine and next thing you know she is drawing correlations between the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drug and the grace of God or his favor. It really is mind-blowing. She has somehow managed to put some of my pharmacology lessons in perspective and at the same time, make me more grateful for who God is and his many blessings in my life. All this, through her writing. What talent are you refusing to explore? You could actually impact lives.

N’ayelle designs. African print fabric accessories. This, from a Bachelor of Science in Administration graduate. She started this business while in university. Anytime you see me rocking a clutch with a leather/African print mix, that’s a n’ayelle. African print shoes, broaches anything, it is always n’ayelle. Again, another passionate young person who started a business while in school from the little she had. She made it happen!

All I am saying is this; we all have reasons why we cannot. It is time to think up why you can and how you are going to make it happen. Do not let schooling limit your education. Do not let your program of study prevent you from achieving what you want to become. If you are truly passionate about something, you will make it happen, irrespective of the challenges you face, because you will use those as stepping stones to greater heights. So, WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

I have a genetic condition that puts me at a disadvantage sometimes. Well, I turned that into an opportunity and I am trying to apply what I am being taught in medical school as well as from experiences living with this disease to help others to live as healthy as possible. I am also trying to change perceptions about this condition and ultimately, help you make an informed life choice.





20 thoughts on “WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

  1. Princess Mwimba

    I think our greatest fear is to get out of our comfort zone. We mind what how world is going to judge us based on what we want to do. But one thing we forget is that wheather we fail what we want to do it doesn’t matter because what matters is you got out of your comfort zone and are ready to try again. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall but how many times you get up and try again

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Exactly! Well said. Even if you fail, it is an opportunity to learn HOW NOT to do it. Get up, dust your back and keep moving forward. How are you doing on OPERATION 12 MONTHS?

  2. Setor

    I absolutely love this. When you think hard enough (or not that hard enough even), you’ll always find a reason not to go through with your passion; to sit back and not make an impact.

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Thank you. Saw you shared this on Facebook, I am glad. Lets get the message out. Oh, sometimes you don’t even have to think about it. The inconvenience will just keep you away, but when you are passionate, you MAKE IT HAPPEN. Thanx again.

  3. Ofori Addo

    Hi Sefarko-Enam, greetings from KnustMSA
    I’m ofori a fifth year dental surgery student at KATH and on the 2014 knustMSA editorial committee working on the next issue of the associations magazine. I just finished reading this post the link to which I found on Facebook and i find it quite true and interesting , ,the kind I’d like to share with members of the knustMSA. As such I’d really like it if ud send me this article my email address oforiaddo1@yahoo.com and with your permission publish it in the next issue of our magazine.
    Regards, Ofori

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Ofori,Addo, Florence friend right? I’ll get in touch via email. You have permission to publish this, but of course, you will have to cite this article in full and add a link to my post in your magazine. Regards, Sefakor-Enam.

  4. barefootmedstudent

    I don’t really watch pageants but ironically I was visiting my boyfriend’s mother when Miss World was being screened and I saw snatches of it. I remember seeing when they announced the Top 10 and she just-just made the cut, and then later when she got second runner up I thought that she really did deserve it. I thought she was beautiful. Truly incredible when medical students excel beyond the classroom. Great post 🙂

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Thanx. I am not really into pageants myself, but I gather she had great reviews during the pageant. She really is smart, and very confident. I am glad about how well she did. Medical students are supposedly among the smartest students, I believe we should be able to excel in what ever area we decide to tackle.

  5. Oye

    There really is no limit to what we can do and the changes we can bring in our world . We indeed are the light of the world and we must shine. Love the message.

  6. eugenia apau

    I luv this Enam…. what really will be our purpose if we are not driven by our passion… it’s totally horrid to live a mediocre life…. great wrk… am inspired…

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