Point has to be made again!


Excuse you! What? No really? WHAT! MY SICKLE CELL THINGS? Breathe girl! Where do I start from? Tabula rasa!

Hmm! Burying your head in the sand. Do ostriches really do that? Like for real, you have a problem, or more accurately a challenge and you pretend it doesn’t exist. Or even worse, pretend to solve it by full on picking the challenge and dumping it somewhere else? Or as they say, sweep it under a carpet? Really? People do that? Why? I can’t get it. There is this simple thing called, taking the bull by its horns and dealing with whatever issues you have like an adult.

I am not one to indulge in cowardice. Certainly not one to avoid a problem. I like to tackle it head on.  So, now, my sickle cell things. Really? Sorry! Will that be the passion that has driven me to beat absurd odds…

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