Went to see a GP yesterday, because I got this rash, apparently a hypersensitivity reaction to something. I don’t know what. Got that sorted. Then we got talking. Do you know some pastors flat out prevent people from getting married because they are both AS? ( Haemoglobin genotype). No. Really, seriously, am not kidding! (Guess that is a blog topic for another day, because I got so much to say.) mmm!!!

So on I am asking a simple question. Well not so simple. Say you are AA, you don’t have sickle cell disease. There is no chance whatsoever of your children having sickle cell disease, they may have the trait, but, big deal, that is a problem for another generation, right?


Admittedly it is a genetic disease, but I covered that, with the assumption up there that you are AA. So, it is not about being wicked or thoughtless and the other ways some (I’m guessing pastors included) like to describe it. This is just you and your partner.

You have got a little insight into my struggles with sickle cell, maybe have a few friends with the disease, observed their struggles too, read some material online. It is generally not easy, but it is a whole spectrum. So based on what you know, will you? Really? Date someone living with sickle cell disease?

I think the “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION SERIES” is a great opportunity for me to know your views about sickle cell disease, your personal struggles and those of people you know. I could have gone straight to the AS/AS couple, but that is a little more challenging, considering the unknown variables involved.  Lets start with the simple and build up momentum.

So, is this something you can do? You are AA, your partner probably SS or SC. No chance of passing on the disease to your kids. Is this something you would do?

Please comment below. I would especially, love to know your reasons. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! (Series)

  1. Rhoda

    I won’t….
    My children may inherit JUST the TRAIT(which is ok), but just the trait could also mean, l may have beautiful grandchildren having to face exactly the health struggle am facing (which will be painful to see) all because ‘grandma’ followed her heart 😦

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Thanx Rhoda, interesting perspective. Can I infer then, that you do not think people with sickle cell disease should have children? At best, these kids will have the trait, and at worst, full disease.Either-ways, along the line somewhere, there may be a child with sickle cell disease. Will like to know your take on this. Thank you.

  2. Rhoda

    I believe it’s a personal choice really, u can if u want to. It’s all about making informed choices in the end. For me, AS & AS?…..I’ve got my reservations.

    1. juanbankas Post author

      yeah, its all about informed choices. its just hard when some people just dont care to know cus they think its a future problem.They really dont see the point. I have an uphill task. How u gonna help someone who doesnt think they have a problem?


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