It is about life not death, heath not disease, joy not sadness.                                                   The sickle life is one of many challenges.                                                                                   We however challenge ourselves, using each brick placed in our way,as a stepping stone to greater heights.

This is not an easy life,                                                                                                                       I do not wish these difficulties on anyone, or call it a blessing of any kind.                               For everyday that I am alive, I am grateful.                                                                                      My greatest desire however, is that no one else be born with SICKLE CELL DISEASE.            That no child, be subjected to a disease, so easily preventable.

It’s been said, “that which I can do by intelligence, I do not expect God to do by miracles.” Options exist, education abounds, all you need,is to avail yourself, listen to this plea… Consider the fate of that unborn child when making the choice of who you want to be with.

Remember, the first step in making the informed life choice is knowing your hemoglobin genotype. Please get tested.


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