Our patient, the IMG-20130310-WA0043one with the gastric carcinoma, is he still on admission?… Relax!… Relax…  am okay… I was in the middle of serious business, but somehow, my friend was more concerned with my health. Valid concerns. After all, I hadn’t been in school in a while.

Friend, whom I can call at anytime, when in pain or just feeling down and I know she will drop everything and come to my aid.

That other friend who, while I am on admission, weak and in pain, unable to bathe myself, doesn’t mind bathing me, though I am almost twice her height.

To that friend, who doesn’t mind feeding me, when the positioning of the IV cannula (drip) makes hand movements cumbersome. Or when I have simply lost interest in food, feeds me and ensures that I finish all meals.

That friend, who I call at the oddest of times, when am feeling down. In those moments when my pethidine is wearing off, in excruisiating pain and I  just can’t keep acting strong. I call you and just let it all out. You are there to encourage me, always.

To that friend, who on one occasion being my doctor too, cared for me like I have  never been cared for by any doctor. Insisted on paying for all the labs before they even got to me. My doctor, TLC giver, my friend.

To that friend, I affectionately call my school father, who always checks up on me. Ensures that I can purchase all my medication, even if my parents are not around, and always comes along with the goodie bag.

The friends who visit, keep me company when I am on admission. Try to cheer me up, encourage me. The friends and church family that spend time to pray for me when I am unwell.

Friends who run around, getting food, medication, labs, stuff  from my room etc, because more times than not I have to be rushed to the emergency room without packing anything, and once there, need to rely on others for everything.

To that special someone who insisted on spending entire  days with me while on my last admission. Gave me the best wheel chair ride ever, when I went to have my x-ray taken. Love you hon.

To my parents for inspiring  me through the years, ensuring that sickle cell disease was never an obstacle for me. Doing everything to ensure that I live a normal life irrespective of the many challenges.

All I want to say is, to every single one of you, I am grateful. You play a very vital role in my life. I may not be able to express it with words daily, but I get to see World Sickle Cell Day this year, because of your special role in my life. I dedicate this day, which to many people living with sickle cell disease, is even more important than our biological birthdays  to every single one of you. Your diverse efforts in my life have enabled me go through another year. Though  the challenges were many, thanks to you, I still live each day to the fullest, making  everyday count.

Thank you.




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