Constantly Adapting! This is my sickle life. (Part 2)

What I like most! sportsAggressive physical therapy! Whatever that means!!! For a sports enthusiast, that is music to my ears. Except, am not allowed to jog or play basketball anymore, because, that will be putting too much weight on my hips. Bummer! So exactly how aggressive can my physiotherapy be?

Seeing the glass half-full tho,I have access to a gymnasium, hopefully at a subsidized cost. All am gonna say is, watch out for my toned abs and butt. Oh, and am allowed to swim. Remember your basic physics? Archimedes’ principle? Upthrust? Yeah, my hip joint stays mobile without having to deal with my body weight. Guess I have a new favorite thing. Except, doesn’t cold water precipitate crises in some people? Isn’t that too much of a risk?

Oh, and still reducing weight load on my hip, no more of those high heels. Well, supposedly. Cut a girl some slack. I ain’t gonna wear heels as often as I do now, obviously. But never say never, right?

Dancing! Yes! Azonto, Amanda, all that, just turned serious health hazards for me. I ain’t even trying to be funny. The point is, am taking steps to reduce the rate of degeneration at my hip joint so that my femoral heads don’t collapse anytime soon, if ever. Its serious business.

The sickle life, is a life of constant adaptation. I don’t know if I can manage this whole reduced physical activity lifestyle, but I am all for doing everything to stay healthy, Because, life really is a lot of fun, and I cannot enjoy it if I am constantly sick. Any suggestions of indoor activities a ‘hyperactive’ person may find interesting?

Lets not make this a pity party. I am fine, can walk okay. Except when I get the pain episodes. I am fortunate enough to have access to best medical personnel and equipment, and blessed with the finances to do the required tests as needed. Others, however are not. I have been diagnosed quite early, steps are being taken to limit the effects. The same cannot be said for most people.

Hopefuly, you know more about avascular necrosis of the femoral head (osteonecrosis) now than when you started reading. Remember, sickle cell disease affects every part of the body. Get tested. Know your status. Is this a disease you will risk passing on to your child? Make an informed decision.


4 thoughts on “Constantly Adapting! This is my sickle life. (Part 2)

  1. Michael Garrett

    I had osteoarthritis few years back and the reason behind it? Overweight. Just like you, I was told not to put a lot of weight on my knees and hips, which is why I wasn’t able to stand and sit for a long time…. walking made me feel better though… My Physical Therapy and Chiro sessions didn’t give me any relief at all, reason why I switched to stem cell treatment. I had the treatment with Dr Grossman, recommended by my former tennis coach, who had Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head and was treated. My therapy went really well and as for my weight problem, I am trying my best to follow my recommended diet… 😀

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Hi Michael,
      Good to know you are much better on the stem cell treatment. I can imagine how difficult weight loss must be, considering, working out may not be advisable now. We do what we must to stay healthy right? Just keep at it.
      Am guessing no more tennis for you, right? Hows that going?

  2. Michael Garrett

    I still can play tennis, but not as much as I can play before.. Anyways, I was told that I can swim and it is better for my muscles and joints… You may ask your doctor if you can do that too… I think my doctor still offers free consultation.. You may also try consulting to him at Stem Md.. I just keep an eye to my diet.. I also avoid beans and sodas… I do regular stretching (recommended by Dr Grossman as well) and so far, joints are functioning perfectly…. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the effect of stem cell treatment will last years and years more… I Hope that you will be able to find the best treatment for you too…

    Wishing you well,

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Thanx Mike.
      Yeah, he said I could swim too, but with sickle cell am not to keen to get into water. Am kinda scared it will precipitate a crisis, but he says its really good.
      And I do strengthening exercises too.
      Am hoping I can eventually get back to playing basket ball… Fingers crossed.
      Wish you the very best,


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