Constantly Adapting! This is my sickle life. (Part 1)

Dats me in the middle. Ilove basketball. Love all things sports!You have sickle cell, you are weak, fragile! You should not partake in any kind of sports. You have probably heard that notion passed around, maybe even agree, I however, strongly disagree.

Being proudly non-conformist, sports is my favorite thing to do. Am the kind of girl who likes to play basketball with guys, jog, because I think it is fun. Weird, right? Who thinks working out is fun? Well, you know those ‘happy substances’ released when you workout, endorphins? I need bucket loads of those. Considering all that I have to deal with, having sickle cell disease compounded by the crazy medical school schedule. Its all about the endorphins. It is a good feeling, you should all try working out.

Then sickle cell strikes again! What do you know? Bilateral avascular necrosis of my femoral heads (osteonecrosis). And am like, really? seriously? bilateral? oh no! basketball! babies! kill me now!                                                                                                                                           In all of us old bone is constantly being replaced by new bone at our joints, but  in sickle cell, because of inadequate blood supply to these joints, the new bone is not formed as quickly as the old is lost. Leading to death and possible breakdown of the bone. (osteonecrosis)

Apparently, jumping exerts at least twice your body weight on your joints when you land. That is a definite no no for me now, and the baby? I am absolutely crazy about those little people. Will cross that bridge when I get there. Now tho, in the orthopedic surgeon’s words, aggressive physiotherapy! Obviously, we weighed our options, we’ll leave surgery for later…


2 thoughts on “Constantly Adapting! This is my sickle life. (Part 1)

  1. Roxie Urban

    It’s all about the endorphins! Love that. If only they came in pills to suit some couch potatoes like yours truly!


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