Sickle Life? Really?

HI guys,                                                                                                                                             hope you are all well and staying healthy, living and loving each day for the blessing that it is.

I guess you are wondering, why ‘sickle life’? What is sickle life? Simply, it is my life.The daily struggles living with the sickle cell condition. The ups and downs. Yes, I said ups, because there are many, even though I battle daily with this genetic disorder.

So, who am I? Well, I answer this question everyday that I have breadth. I am African, specifically, from  Ghana, West Africa, but fundamentally, I am human, the one thing that unites us all, and to me, the only description that really matters.

I have been living the sickle life for 23 years, with all its challenges, however, for everyday that I am alive, I am very grateful, for an opportunity to live another day to the fullest. to make it count.

Non-conformist, is another description I use for myself. Simply because, I will rather create a path and walk it alone, than follow others, knowing that, more often than not they have no idea what my peculiar circumstances are.

Driven, passionate, that is who I am.Sickle cell disease may be considered a disability to some, but to me, it is another stepping stone to greater heights.The drive to be better than most, arose from the realization, very early in my life, that sickle cell, is no excuse for failure. Thus for every moment that I am healthy, I go all out to achieve success.

Thus, the brain behind sickle life,23 year old lady, who happens to have sickle cell disease. Life is the focus. Living each day to the fullest, making each day count and certainly not allowing myself to be limited by other peoples perceptions of this disease.

And oh, I also happen to be a fourth year medical student. Saved this for last, because really, it is not my identity. The point here is, my passion and drive, as well as my non-conformist attitude have brought me thus far. If you have sickle cell disease or know anyone with it, you have a fair idea of how much school I have had to miss, examinations I have missed or written in absolute pain, but despite all that, I have made it to medical school and I am thankful. It has been difficult, but I am not one to quit.

All I seek to do, is inform and educate you about Sickle cell disease, in a manner that is easy to understand. share my experiences with you, and ultimately get you to get tested to know your sickle cell status and hemoglobin genotype, so that you can make informed life choices.



4 thoughts on “Sickle Life? Really?

  1. Jeffery Boateng

    Kudos miss Enam,I believe this a laudable initiative and u must be commended and encouraged. Sickle cell is one of the most commonest genetic disorders in our setting but unfortunately, very few are really educated about it,both those with the trait and those without it. Making sickle cell known and hence affecting our decisions in life will go a long way to help reduce the painful effects of this disease that plagues us.once again kudos and more grease to ur elbow !!

    1. juanbankas Post author

      Thank you very much for your encouragement.
      Please keep reading and spread the word. We need more educated people willing to make a change to come on board.
      Am open to comments and suggestions.
      Thanks again, and have a blessed day.

  2. vanessa ossei

    wowww.gud work there!!am so much impressed.this is phenomenal.. u r goin places girlll!!!!God be with you….Change is here!!!!!!

    1. juanbankas Post author

      thank you. Am glad u liked it. I’ll keep them coming. If we all do the little that we can, then together, we will be the change we want to see in the world.


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